Kino Pleme // Live Soundtrack #20

Kino Pleme - Live Soundtrack #20 // sounding the movie by Maya Deren 'The Witch's Cradle' (1943), an unfinished, silent, experimental short piece written and directed by her, featuring Marcel Duchamp, and filmed in Peggy Guggenheim's Art of This Century gallery // Performance took place at Pro3or Gallery in Belgrade.
Performing: Manja Ristić, violin & Marko Paunović, loops&tapes

27 ~ Digital Release

27 is a collection of miniatures conceptualized as a 27 channel sound installation. Inspired by the cycle of "waters" it represents the time lapse of artificial memories composed from an archive of field recordings used as a catalyst in compositional process. 27 miniatures are windows overlooking 27 places evoking 27 complex emotions defined by synthesis of ambient atmosphere and instrumental or site specific intervention. They represent structured memories formed in dynamic interrelations of seemingly scattered elements extracted from continuous branching of sonic informations. 

The installation is conceptualized as an interactive spatial code activating different elements of the overall structure by movement in space. Author: Manja Ristić

incubus mnemonics // digital release

Incubus Mnemonics is an ambient experiment by Manja Ristić, composed solely from field recordings gathered across the period of a year spent on relation Belgrade (Serbia) - Korčula Island (South Adriatic, Croatia).

"Sonic contrast of the two 'so close but so far away’ places I considered my domiciles had concrete impact on development of my cognitive memory.
The idea of cognitive memory being a catalyst in individual development of psychological perception of sound brought me to a discourse where listening of environmental sound triggers complex compositional process, builds active energy transfers and sense of connection with the source of sound or sonic ambients".

Mnemosyne. Stories of Stone & Sound

Mnemosyne. Stories of Stone and Sound links one of globally most impressive memorials of WWII — Partisans' Necropolis in Mostar, Bosna and Herzegowina — with the island of Korčula. Stonemasons from Korčula built Partisans' Necropolis under the guidance of its architect Bogdan Bogdanović, whose monuments, scattered in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, commemorate the most precious lecture for the humankind today: all men are brothers, all cultures are equally valid and no man's memory is more important than another man's life.
Manja Ristić (violin, stones, bell, found objects), Ronald Panza (stones, voice, found objects)& Marko Paunović (tapes, electronics, stone marimba) held memorial concert in Korčula Old town, September 18th 2016 //

Eruption /// Digital release

Eruption duo (( Manja Ristic & Ivana Grahovac )) are multi-instrumentalists who achieved an extraordinary communication in the sphere of cognitive improvisation ///

"Enochian diaries" is a session dedicated to an old piano kept for a long time in Ivana's family. The album is knitted with unusual treatment of an instrument, but also with carefully chosen field recordings such are sounds of Byford's forest which is located right opposite of the Ivana's old family house as well as astronomical sound recordings of Jupiter atmosphere such is Jovian chorus ///
Guest performer is Serbian ambient artist Marko Paunovic who contributed with samples of analogue radio frequencies and electricity sound interventions.