Eruption /// Digital release

Eruption duo (( Manja Ristic & Ivana Grahovac )) are multi-instrumentalists who achieved an extraordinary communication in the sphere of cognitive improvisation ///

"Enochian diaries" is a session dedicated to an old piano kept for a long time in Ivana's family. The album is knitted with unusual treatment of an instrument, but also with carefully chosen field recordings such are sounds of Byford's forest which is located right opposite of the Ivana's old family house as well as astronomical sound recordings of Jupiter atmosphere such is Jovian chorus ///
Guest performer is Serbian ambient artist Marko Paunovic who contributed with samples of analogue radio frequencies and electricity sound interventions. 

radioCona: 0.2425

ArtSync is hosting radioCona curatorial from February 2016 ~ Artists: Agapea, Miha Erman, Andraž Magajna, Kaja Kraner / Alja Lobnik / Katja Kosi, OR poiesis (alias Petra Kapš), Jan Turk / Marko Batista, Simon Macuh, Boštjan Perovšek, Irena Pivka, Dušan Zidar, Brane Zorman, Mauricio Valdés Emeterio, Gilles Aubry, Justin Bennett, Colin Black, Christopher DeLaurenti, Chantal Dumas, Louis Dufort, Simohammed Fettaka, Anna Friz, Miguel A. García, Georg Klein, Eric LaCasa, Eric Leonardson, Francisco Lopez, Jay Needham, Novi_sad, Emeka Ogboh, Lee Patterson, Anna Raimondo, Pablo Reche, katrinem, Suk-Jun Kim, Jacob Kirkegaard, Raed Yassin, WR.

See full preview at radioCona /////////

Gleam archives // Manja Ristić & Marko Paunović

Gleam archives is unique reflection on sound perception of spatial cognitive codes in collective memory // In search of a multidimensional sound picture duo creates organic synthesis of electronic ambient, atypical treatment of the instrument, field recordings and music concrete //

Sensibility of created spaces invites for fully engaged listening and deliberation of the ambient sound perception ontology // Duo Ristić / Paunović collaborates since 2014 // Main focus in their work is synthesis of instrumental improvisation and sonic ambient // 

Radio Divljan //

Radio Divljan series is an on going sound art project dedicated to Vladimir Divljan ((( 1958 - 2015 ))) Yugoslavian singer, song-writer, sound artists, New Wave music icon //
Vlada died of cancer in March 2015, leaving behind vast archive of music and urban culture heritage. Celebrating his dedication to music and sound, we are inviting you to grab the Radio Divljan frequencies, trapped in the broken apparatus of our times - tuning only to his voice, songs, breath - inviting us to look up and embrace the Star he was and the Star he returned to //

Polet //

02032016 // 21h // CLUB POLET Cetinjska 15, Belgrade // Duo Ristić / Paunović collaborates since 2014. In their performances duo is searching for the synthesis of instrumental improvisation and sonic ambiances of partially analogue electro-acoustics. Each performance duo brings in new bio-political element that reflects chosen sphere of the heritage left behind conceptualists, excavated from the vast sound stratum of 20th century Avanguarde //