THE CHANCERY OF LOST AND FOUND /// Bath Literary Festival 2015

What would Bath be like if it existed only in your imagination? Where would the streets take you?
Step into a world where past, present and future meet: The Chancery of Lost and Found.
For the duration of the Festival, writer Alice Maddicott, working in collaboration with our Young Writers Lab, will set up residence in The Chancery, creating characters, stories and poems to build a fictional, multidimensional version of Bath — a growing home for memories, ideas and imaginary futures.
We invite you to join us in this creation. Come to The Chancery to write your own imaginary Bath, drop off memories, and bring in old photos, ephemera or objects. Add to our collaborative installation, link to other people’s creations, and explore as The Chancery becomes a wonderful literary archive for the city.

Alice Maddicott is a writer and text artist, whose work often explores the relationship between memory and place, the city and the countryside, and hidden personal histories. As well as more conventional poetry this interest has led to a wealth of site-specific writing projects. She recently undertook a residency in Bristol called Secret City with regular collaborator Ana Seferović. For over ten years she has worked extensively on creative education projects in schools and museums, which she loves, and they continue to provide her with endless inspiration and purpose. She also collaborates with artists and musicians, and writes television scripts for children.   and