15 minutes // bio-politics performance

Performance at the Resonate Festival in April 2015, a bio-politics spoken word & improv music introduction in to the Violin Revealed notation system and graphic scores // This is the first public performance of the Violin R in which Manja is explaining the circumstances and context in which the system occurred // As a subtext of the bio-politics performance she is bringing sensitive insights of a musician thinking out side of the box, provoking us to rethink everyday life...

Second part is dedicated to Eruption Duo (( with Ivana Grahovac on cello and zither )), an inspiring improv set of two long term collaborators // eruption.bandcamp.com

released January 11, 2016
Manja Ristić, text, violin
Ivana Grahovac, zither, cello
Cover art by Manja Ristić
Booklet design and graphic scores by Nevena Vasiljević
Recorded April 15th 2015 at New Cinemateque
Resonate Festival