Radio Divljan //

Radio Divljan series is an on going sound art project dedicated to Vladimir Divljan ((( 1958 - 2015 ))) Yugoslavian singer, song-writer, sound artists, New Wave music icon //
Vlada died of cancer in March 2015, leaving behind vast archive of music and urban culture heritage. Celebrating his dedication to music and sound, we are inviting you to grab the Radio Divljan frequencies, trapped in the broken apparatus of our times - tuning only to his voice, songs, breath - inviting us to look up and embrace the Star he was and the Star he returned to //

Material used //
Carbon star *NASA sounds
Personal field recordings
Composed samples
Song excerpts: Nemo, Sve što hoću da znam, Hajde sanjaj me sanjaj, Purger koji kaže bre, Australian letter (from the movie - Que Sont Mes Amis Devenus)

Material used // 
Terrace on the 10th floor ~ building in Voždovac, field recording;
Moj grad ~ Vlada Divljan & The Old Stars Band, re-sampled;
Radio frequencies, recorded by Marko Paunović;
Trying to find you ~ improve segment from the Silence Fest 2015 (( Ivana Grahovac, zither, Tibetan bowls & bells; Dušan Damnjanović, percussive sound objects & snare; Manja Ristić, violin, bass guitar, sound objects ))